955 Technical Specifications

Machine dimensions

Length- standard machine5,397 mm208 ³⁵/₆₄ in
Length – standard machine with third broom6,912 mm272 ¹/₈ in
Width – without side brooms2,070 mm81 ¹/₂ in
Width – with brooms

2,430 mm

95 ⁴³/₆₄ in

Max. height

3,100 mm

122 ³/₆₄ in

Gross vehicle weight

13,700 kg

30,203 lb

Wheels dimensions

295/60 R 22,5
road type tires

Sweeping speed

0-20 km/h

0-12.43 m/h

Transferring speed

0-40 km/h

0-24.85 m/h


Cleaning path width

– with main broom 1,320 mm | 51 ³¹/₃₂ in
– with main broom + right and left side brooms 2,700 mm | 106 ¹⁹/₆₄ in
– with main broom + right and left side brooms + front 3rd broom 3,600 mm | 141 ⁴⁷/₆₄ in

Brooms diameter

– side brooms 1,000 mm | 39 ³/₈ in
– main broom 650 x 1,320 mm | 25 ¹⁹/₃₂ x 51 ³¹/₃₂ in
– front broom 1,300 mm | 51 ³/₁₆ in

Vacuum system5,600 mm fan with 8.500 m3 air/h
Water tank capacity560 L147.9 gal
Waste containervolumetric capacity 6 m3
Mercedes Benz Engine4.294 cc

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400 ze


GM400ze Technical Specification

Sweeping System

TypeAir Sweeper
Cleaning path: Minimum1170 mm46 in
Sweeping Brush diameter470 mm19 in
Brush Reach (Beyond Front of Unit)440 mm17.3 in
Volume capacity (max)75 l284 gal
Disposable Bag Size (Standard Trash Bag)110 – 200 l30 – 55 Gal
Vacuum Impeller Diameter420 mm 16.5 in
Vacuum Impeller Construction6 Blade Abrasion Resistant SteelHard Faced Edges
Vacuum Impeller HousingStainless Steel0.25 inch (6 mm) Replaceable Wear Plates
Vacuum Impeller Speedup to2700 rpm
Debris Reduction Pulverizing Impeller
Vacuum Hose Diameter200 mm7.9 in
Wander Hose Length2,2 m7.2 ft
Diameter100 mm3.9 in

GM1 ze


Machine Dimensions

Lenght1480 mm
Width780 mm 
Height1760 mm

Machine Dimensions

Speed6 km/h
Permissible total mass420 kg
ContainerStandard 240 l



GM636 Technical Specification

Machine dimensions

Lenght3555 mm139 61/64 in
Width1140 mm44 7/8 in
Height1980 mm77 61/64 in
Permissible total mass (GVW)2550 kg5622 lbs
Wheelbase1400 mm55 1/8 in
Turning circle curb to curb3250 mm127 61/64 in

Sweeping System

TypeVacuum sweeper
Working width minimum (brushes retracted)1300 mm51 3/16 in
Working width maximum (brushes fully extended)2050 mm80 45/64 in
Hopper capacity1.5 m3396 gallons

500 ze


Machine Dimensions

Lenght3330 mm131 7/64 in
Width1200 mm47 1/4 in
Height1980 mm77 61/64 in
GVW 500ze LIGHT2325 kg5126 lbs
GVW 500ze PLUS2670 kg5886 lbs
Wheelbase1380 mm55 1/8 in
Turning circle curb to curb2750 mm108 17/64 in
Max travel speed25 km/h15.53 miles/h

Sweeping System

TypeVacuum sweeper
Working width minimum (brushes retracted)1300 mm51 3/16 in
Working width maximum (brushes fully extended)1900 mm74 51/64 in
Hopper capacity1 m3264 Gallon