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Since Year 2000, IPC became the dealer of Rotair in Egypt.

Rotair have a verity of products as follows:

- Portable Compressors

A vast range to insure compressors cover all air output and working pressure. These Portable Compressors has proven reliability and performance to maximum life time. These compressors run on energy saving to guarantee low operational costs. The compressors come with a complete set of Rotair screw set.

- Minitransporters-Speedy Cutter

A wide range of accessories is available to cover various functions. These machines are very compact yet very powerful. More than 10 models that can be used in re are available to be used at sites  as structuring, building, servicing, agriculture, gardening, viticulture and forestry.

- Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic Hammers from Rotair are a cutting edge technology used   in the demolition equipment field. Silence of these machines are what makes them to the modern standard. These machines may include manual job absorbing hammers and vibrosilent arm hydraulic breakers.

- Electro-Compressors

Low energy consumption and ultra silent while operating. Uses low rpm rates to insure a longer life. They all come with the complete set of Rotair screw set to maximise functionality. Easy maintenance  is possible by adding the easy-maintenance technology. These Electro-Compressors are designed for professional use in industry.

IPC target the customers in the fields of Roads, Contracting, Water & Drain, Army & Air Forces.