About Us


I.P.C.'s active staff have over twenty years experience in selling construction and industrial Equipment in the market. In addition to their experience in the commercial, financial and business development sectors in Egypt.

I.P.C.'s success is created from its personnel and management team capabilities , as well as a solid base of contacts and connections with most of Egyptian & Foreign contractors , consultants , public and private sector companies in Egypt .

In summary we have the knowledge of the market and the skilled people on top of issues road construction, demolition & secondary breaking
quarrying , blasting , mining utility and light construction industries .

I.P.C. has established good relationships with all the following sectors :

- All construction companies

- All contractors

- Ministry of transport & roads construction & maintenance companies

- Ministry of agriculture and its land reclamation companies

- Ministry of public works and water resources

- Quarry & Mining Sector

- Cement Industry

- Oil & Gas Industry

  1. -Textile Industry

  2. -Egyptian Army